About Us

At Proven Legal Technologies, formerly Palmer Legal Technologies, we have the sector’s foremost experts at our clients’ disposal to advise them on addressing the rigours of regulatory response, forensic investigations and e-disclosure processes.

Our service is a highly consultative one. The PLT team works alongside our client from the outset and has the ability and experience to provide expert advice in any country or jurisdiction in the world.

Our high degree of technical competence is blended with an excellent knowledge of legal processes and requirements; a combination which allows us to draft Electronic Document Questionnaires (EDQs),  to assist at Case Management Conferences (CMCs) and to provide expert reports.

PLT’s understanding of the most complex IT systems enables us to determine searches that are reasonable, proportionate and cost-effective. Our combination of proprietary processing technology and market-leading secure review platforms ensures a level of dexterity and flexibility that cannot be achieved with commercially available packages alone.

Our experience and client base are equally broad. PLT is regularly instructed by leading law firms, financial institutions, corporate and high-value private clients in matters of regulatory inquiry, internal investigation, fraud, thefts of intellectual property and employment tribunals to name just a few.

We are pleased to be a part of Consilio.