Law firm acting on behalf of a high net worth individual

A large-scale, multi-jurisdictional litigation matter.

PLT was engaged by the lawyers to manage the e-disclosure process.

The need to manage the e-disclosure process in different countries and jurisdictions; the client’s extreme concerns regarding data confidentiality; the necessity for multi-lingual keyword searches and filters.

The process was complicated by the fact that many of the required documents were located in challenging jurisdictions and also by the client’s extreme sensitivity concerning the confidentiality of their data.

The client’s trust and confidence had to be earned, something our experts succeeded in doing by designing and implementing a process and method that was sympathetic to, and compatible with, their confidentiality concerns. This involved:

  • Scheduling appointments with the client’s relevant IT staff and custodians to discuss where they kept documents that were relevant to the matter in hand;
  • Supervising the IT staff in the capture of data from the network as our team was not allowed unsupervised access;
  • Ensuring everything was stored on encrypted media so that it was protected;
  • Filtering and processing documents on-site in jurisdictions where there were cross-border custodians;
  • The application of multi-lingual keyword searches and filters to the data, as well as the use of contribution analysis;
  • Separating documents in multiple languages so they could be reviewed by those with the appropriate language skills;
  • Bringing responsive documents back to the client’s premises in London where they could be merged with the London data set;
  • Running the review of the in-house counsel and in-house team, and also the external lawyers, such was the client’s desire to be in control of all facets of the operation, a task that encompassed three separate major jurisdictions;
  • Managing a smooth transition to the central repository being used for the case.

All documents were managed in an efficient manner on the client’s site, whilst adhering to their security requirements. This ensured that they met their legal disclosure requirements.