Our proprietary backup tape catalogue and extraction technologies set PLT apart from our competitors.

  • Our experts are able to extract data or documents from different backup tape formats and place them onto a storage device that is simpler for the in-house team to manage.
  • Our access to virtually every type of tape drive and backup software programme allows us to convert data from one format to another, or extract it from a database into files that can be processed by the client’s in-house tools.

Our experts can sample tapes, including complex backups where multiplexing from multiple servers at the same time is employed, for qualitative/quantitative analysis if deemed appropriate. It also allows for the on-site extraction of data from backup tapes in cases when tapes cannot leave a particular office or jurisdiction.

Once our technology has been used to its best effect, we can advise on which sources do and do not require collection and provide a detailed explanation as to why. Our formal report can then be used either before or at the CMC to show that a proposed collection process is reasonable.

We are also, occasionally, required to help counsel formalise challenges to the opponent’s proposed search and collection strategy.