Civil Search Orders and Delivery-Up Orders give solicitors the power to obtain pertinent information from persons suspected of having committed acts that may result in litigation.  The authority to search residential and business premises, or to demand the handover of relevant materials or computer devices, can produce critical evidence and intelligence to support the litigation.

Very often, the information is in electronic format, and not always in the obvious locations.  It is, accordingly, vital that a computer forensic expert is consulted as early as possible to advise what data is likely to reside where, how to accommodate it in the wording of the Order and how to manage it during the execution.

Proven Legal Technologies has extensive experience in assisting in Civil Search and Delivery-Up Orders, as well as dawn raids and doorstep imaging. Our professionals can image a range of devices on-site, or seize devices for preservation.

Seized or received devices can be stored for preservation within our secure lab and imaged for forensic investigation or e-disclosure review, greatly reducing the time spent on-site. PLT ensures that a complete chain of custody is maintained from the moment the evidence is collected, whilst contemporaneous notes and photographs are taken throughout the search to ensure the evidence is appropriately handled.