Whether you or your client has been raided or received a Request for Information (RFI), a quick and effective response to a regulator is essential to obtaining leniency and can help mitigate costs in what can be a long and thorough investigation.

Our team provides a consultative support service that ensures the best strategy is reached and executed to produce the desired results.  Our proven process includes assisting with identifying the key custodians and sources of relevant data, working with you and the regulator to ensure the boundaries of the Order are maintained, determining a successful review/investigation strategy to identify key documents quickly, and planning the workflow for reviewers.

The level of planning for a simple computer forensics case will be significantly different from that required for a successful, large-scale, electronic disclosure exercise that often occurs as a result of a regulatory investigation.  At Proven Legal Technologies, we are often able to provide multiple paths to the desired outcome, and create a proportionate strategy for the type of case being conducted.