The collection of data is a crucial step in any forensic investigation, regulatory inquiry or e-disclosure project. Working on the original data is an extremely risky strategy as something as simple as just switching on a computer can have serious consequences.

Forensically collecting or imaging computer media is a secure way to capture data, while still preserving the original evidence in its entirety. Even if a case is not a criminal matter, any data that may be used as evidence in court should be collected according to the Association of Chief Police Officers’ (ACPO) guidelines to maintain its integrity and authenticity.

Our trained forensic investigators can then examine the evidence in full on an exact replica of the original, while still maintaining data integrity.

Proven Legal Technologies’ experience with data collection includes Civil Search Orders, dawn raids, Delivery-Up Orders, web-based e-mail collections and covert computer and network collections. We can consult on the technical aspects of gaining access to data held by a third party, whether that be instructions on what needs to be delivered-up for imaging, or on evidence available to obtain a Search and Seizure Order or specific disclosure.  We have the ability to collect a vast range of digital media including personal computers/laptops, smart phones and tablets, external media and servers.