PLT’s highly consultative approach allows us to share much of the responsibility for the identification and collection of electronically stored information (ESI) with our clients. Our experts regularly draft EDQs for lawyers as well as challenging any opponent’s EDQs. We prepare counsel for Case Management Conferences (CMCs) and are often in attendance during them to ensure the opponent’s disclosure is properly pursued.

We assist the client in determining a reasonable search through the creation of data map reports, an area in which PLT has long been a market leader. It is our method, devised through years of experience, to conduct informal interviews with the client’s IT representatives. This gives us a full understanding of the storage systems and applications that may be associated with relevant custodians.

The team also interviews sample custodians to fully understand how data was used at the appropriate time, as opposed to how it should have been used. Our familiarity with network topologies, storage systems and disaster recovery/archive procedures and technology allows us to cut to the chase and address the unanswered question of vague response. Our approach and level of service is the same whether we are dealing with a small business or a multi-national corporation.