Once documents have been filtered for relevancy, the ones that remain are then manually reviewed by the legal team for relevance and privilege before the disclosure list is created.

Our services can be tailored to suit the in-house team’s review methodology.  We are equally comfortable hosting data in Relativity® and Clearwell or delivering bespoke load-files to be uploaded onto our client’s review platform.

Most law firms and corporates favour an online review tool. This is a safe, secure, web-based platform accessible by any computer connected to the internet which means that it can be used by staff located at different offices or in different countries. The documents are stored in a central repository, and only users with the appropriate usernames and passwords can access them.

Where a lawyer is not familiar with document review technology, PLT can advise and project manage the most suitable system for the scale of the case. Being entirely independent of all online review tool suppliers, we are able to offer arm’s length advice and find the right tool for the project in hand.