Relativity® 8.1 “Best in Service”

Relativity® is one of the most popular e-discovery platforms in the market today. We recommend Relativity® where you expect larger volumes of data with several phases and a project growing in complexity. It is ideal for matters that employ multiple reviewers and when important redaction and production needs are expected.

Relativity® possesses both linear and non-linear review capability and employs concept searching methods in an easy-to-use review platform which gives users the flexibility and scalability to handle any project.

PLT is the first vendor outside of the US to achieve ‘Best in Service’ and has four qualified Relativity® administrators, which is more than any other provider

Clearwell is an Early Case Assessment (ECA) tool and one of the leading electronic document review platforms.  We recommend it when a review requires an investigative approach, when the data set is small to medium (less than 500GB), and/or when data protection/privacy restricts the first review to the country in which the data is stored.

Clearwell is very user-friendly. It can easily be shipped and installed on the client’s network, or isolated, to allow for a local review of data. PLT’s experts are experienced in hosting multi-jurisdiction reviews in Clearwell throughout Europe.